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81100137_3.jpg Mug
Your favourite drink will taste even better with this great ceramic mug. The mug with sublimation print has a filling capacity of 330 mL and is packed in single cardboard. Diameter: approx. 81 mm Height: approx. 96 mm Dishwasher safe,...
Item no.: 81100137
Content 1 PCE
€5.77 * / piece
81100145.jpg Bottle and can opener keychain
The bottle and can opener keychain is the perfect accessory to open a bottle or can anytime and anywhere, while promoting a brand in a clever way. The key ring is made of aluminium, which makes it strong and lightweight. A printed logo...
Item no.: 81100145
Content 1 PCE
€0.95 * / piece
81100099.jpg Double Mentos Fruit
Contents: approx. 5.4 g Filling: mentos fruit Packing size: approx. 60 x 60 mm Refinement: 4c Euroscale 1 print motif Color: white foil Shelf life: approx. 12 months if stored properly Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, fruit juices...
Item no.: 81100099
Content 100 PCE (€0.30 * / 1 PCE)
€29.63 * / PU
81100098.jpg Haribo mini cars
Haribo Mini Cars flavor: pineapple; strawberry; raspberry; orange; lemon; apple Contents approx. 10g Packaging unit: 1 00 pieces in carton Shelf life: 10-12 months if stored properly Optimal consumption within 6 months Nutritional...
Item no.: 81100098
Content 100 PCE (€0.30 * / 1 PCE)
€29.75 * / PU
81100096.jpg Ballpoint pen GUM
Retractable ballpoint pen with rubberized triangular barrel and transparent shiny clip . Refill: 80855 uma Tech Refill 1.0, blue European plastic refill with nickel silver tip and tungsten carbide ball (1.0mm). German writing paste...
Item no.: 81100096
Content 50 PCE (€0.68 * / 1 PCE)
€34.21 * / PU
81100067.jpg Bees folded card
Your ideal messenger and supporter as bee savior. Expressive, nice, flat folding card that is suitable for cost-efficient mailings and transfer actions. The seed sachet is sticked in and contains a bee-friendly flower seed mix.
Item no.: 81100067
Content 20 PCE (€0.94 * / 1 PCE)
€18.80 * / PU
81110041.png BIG Bobby Car Classic Eco
Item no.: 81110041
Content 1 PCE
€71.28 * / piece
81110034_3_1.jpg Construction Site Radio
Robust DAB+ / FM radio with additional Bluetooth 5.0 interface. For wireless operation with rechargeable battery or via 9V mains adapter. Including a built-in smartphone holder with charging option for mobile devices via USB port....
Item no.: 81110034
Content 1 PCE
€136.73 * / piece
81110028_2.jpg Filter coffee maker with insulated pot
· thanks to the insulated coffee pot for long-lasting temperature retention you can even enjoy your coffee hours later · hot and strong coffee thanks to the powerful 1,000 W heating element · easy handling thanks to the brew-through lid...
Item no.: 81110028
Content 1 PCE
€55.41 * / piece
81100156.jpg 3-in-1 Wireless Charger
The Wireless Charger is a true multi-charger. Up to three end devices can be charged simultaneously. It has three charging areas with different outputs. One surface with a maximum output of 15 watts, one with a maximum output of 10 watts...
Item no.: 81100156
Content 1 PCE
€35.58 * / piece
81100155.jpg Powerbank 10.000 mAh
Item no.: 81100155
Content 1 PCE
€26.06 * / piece
81100122.jpg Lanyard
Packaging unit: 25 pieces The classic, the lanyard, must not be missing from any of them. Perfect for attaching keys, ID cards, tickets and much more. Material: polyester
Item no.: 81100122
Content 25 PCE (€2.37 * / 1 PCE)
€59.20 * / PU
81100095.jpg Thermometer
This cool retro thermometer is really eye-catching! It’s perfect for hanging on the terrace or balcony, as it’s made from extra-strong steel plate so is extremely sturdy and weather-proof. Material: Steel
Item no.: 81100095
Content 1 PCE
€7.56 * / piece
81100093.jpg Active Towel Sports
Sports towel made of P-9000® microfiber (80% polyester | 20% polyamide) individually packed in mesh bag.
Item no.: 81100093
Content 1 PCE
€27.43 * / piece
81100092.jpg Duopack sunmilk
Sun milk p erfectly combined in a DuoPack with After Sun Lotion Filling above: Sun Milk (SPF 30). Waterproof and fast penetrating sun care lotion with UVA / UVA broadband filter and sun protection factor 30 (high protection level)....
Item no.: 81100092
Content 1 PCE
€4.36 * / piece
81100091.jpg Luggage belt
Polyester suitcase strap 1580×50 mm
Item no.: 81100091
Content 1 PCE
€4.03 * / piece
81100066_3.jpg Microfiber cloth
The high-end microfiber cloth is also a haptic experience. Velvety soft and excellently finished with a fine hem, this cloth is used with preference in the high-end sector and guarantees gentle cleaning especially for sensitive, smooth...
Item no.: 81100066
Content 1 PCE
€3.21 * / piece
81100037.jpg Brochure dispenser A4
Elegant brochure dispenser for catalogues, brochures and flyers in DIN A4 format. Your brochures are shown off particularly well here, as the clear material of the stand does not distract from the advertising message of your printed...
Item no.: 81100037
Content 1 PCE
€7.62 * / piece
81100033.jpg JBL Tuner
Crystal clear radio sound everywhere. In the kitchen. In the swimming pool. In the park. Now you can take your favourite DAB/DAB+/UKW station with you wherever you go. The slim JBL Tuner 2 is a compact, portable radio with crystal-clear...
Item no.: 81100033
Content 1 PCE
€99.84 * / piece
81100032_4.jpg Severin WT 5005 Wurster
Fast and easy preparation of two all-around golden brown grilled sausages in only five minutes. Optimal grilling result due to the programmes “thick sausage”, “thin sausage” and individual time setting. High-quality LED display which...
Item no.: 81100032
Content 1 PCE
€130.66 * / piece