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81700114.jpg Thermo Drinking Bottle
Perfect for hot or cold drinks, our double-walled stainless steel bottle impresses with its trendy and functional design. Its double-walled design with vacuumensures that drinks stay hot or cold for longer. Available with a 500 ml...
Item no.: 81700114
Content 1 PCE
€13.33 * / piece
81700111.jpg Notebook A5
Modern and stylish black notebook, with a soft-feel tactile cover. Supplied with coloured edging and matching coloured page marker, pen loop and closure strap. Supplied with a plain black stylus ballpoint pen. Inlcudes 96 sheets (70g/m2)...
Item no.: 81700111
Content 1 PCE
€5.93 * / piece
81700106.jpg BIC® Lighter
Packaging unit: 50 pieces Extra long-lasting: up to 3.000 lights! Gives up to 2 times more lights than other flint lighters of the same format (Internal testing - EU Market 2008-2010). Comfortable to use. Please be aware that this item...
Item no.: 81700106
Content 50 PCE (€1.57 * / 1 PCE)
€78.54 * / PU
81700104.jpg Aufkleber-Set #1 Hella Gutmann
Der geplottete Hella Gutmann-Stickerbogen ist ein Blickfang auf jeder geeigneten Oberfl ä che. Der Bogen im Format A4 ethält vier Sticker mit Konturschnitt: Hella Gutmann Logo Material: printlight klar - Aufkleber transparent -...
Item no.: 81700104
Content 1 PCE
€5.65 * / piece
81700086.jpg Lolly-Box by Chupa Chups
A round item inside a square: Convey sweet messages with the delicious Chupa Chups lollipop in different flavours. Ingredients / storage instructions: sugar, glucose syrup, fruit purée 3% ( apple, cherry, raspberry, oranges, pineapple,...
Item no.: 81700086
Content 100 PCE (€0.94 * / 1 PCE)
€94.01 * / PU
81700085.jpg Haribo mini cars
Haribo Mini Cars flavor: pineapple; strawberry; raspberry; orange; lemon; apple Contents approx. 10g Packaging unit: 1 00 pieces in carton Shelf life: 10-12 months if stored properly Optimal consumption within 6 months Nutritional...
Item no.: 81700085
Content 100 PCE (€1.49 * / 1 PCE)
€148.75 * / PU
81700077.jpg Tin Sign 30 x 40 cm
This cool metal sign is a real eye-catcher for all retro fans. It is made from extra-strong steel plate so wont break easily. It measures 30 x 40 cm and is individually packaged in a foil bag to protect it from dirt and scratches. This...
Item no.: 81700077
Content 1 PCE
€14.04 * / piece
81700003.jpg Recycled Pet Pen
Packaging unit: 50 pieces Retractable ballpoint pen made of recycled rPET material in muted colours. The special design of the clip pusher ensures that your advertising is always on top. Made from recycled PET bottles in Europe, the rPET...
Item no.: 81700003
Content 50 PCE (€0.70 * / 1 PCE)
€35.11 * / PU
81100037.jpg Brochure dispenser A4
Elegant brochure dispenser for catalogues, brochures and flyers in DIN A4 format. Your brochures are shown off particularly well here, as the clear material of the stand does not distract from the advertising message of your printed...
Item no.: 81100037
Content 1 PCE
€7.62 * / piece