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81800013.jpg Painting set with 6 crayons
Hella Gutmann pad with 30 colouring sheets and 10 different motifs. Includes 6 coloured pencils, plastic sharpener and an eraser.
Item no.: 81800013
Content 1 PCE
€3.06 * / piece
81800012.jpg Tin-plate sign 30 x 20 cm (Motif 3)
You relax - we repair This metal sign is a beautiful accessory and a real eye-catcher in every workshop. Size: approx. 30 x 20 cm Production: MADE in GERMANY
Item no.: 81800012
Content 1 PCE
€6.67 * / piece
81800011.jpg Tin-plate sign 30 x 20 cm (Motif 2)
Your car looses power? Just give us an hour! This metal sign is a beautiful accessory and a real eye-catcher in every garage. Size: approx. 30 x 20 cm Production: MADE in GERMANY
Item no.: 81800011
Content 1 PCE
€6.67 * / piece
81800010.jpg Tin-plate sign 30 x 20 cm (Motif 1)
With the metal sign, they immediately make it clear that you are one of the best in your field. Size: approx. 30 x 20 cm.
Item no.: 81800010
Content 1 PCE
€6.67 * / piece
81800008.jpg Bottle opener
Bottle opener in the shape of a crown cork. Incl. metal inlay and 2 magnets for holding on refrigerators or other appliances. Also suitable for screw cap bottles. Diameter: approx. 80mm Individually packed in a poly bag. Print...
Item no.: 81800008
Content 1 PCE
€2.58 * / piece
81800003.jpg Open / Close sign
The weatherproof open-close sign can be easily attached to the entrance door with a suction cup. It is easier and more charming to let your customers know whether your workshop is currently open or closed. Size: 15 x 25 cm Incl. suction...
Item no.: 81800003
Content 1 PCE
€4.72 * / piece
81800002.jpg Sun Visor
Give your customers a little cooling on hot days - with a sun visor for the windscreen. Keeps the sun out and brings you lots of bonus points with your customers. This is how real service heroes act! Size: approx. 128 x 52 cm, suitable...
Item no.: 81800002
Content 1 PCE
€6.76 * / piece
81800001.jpg Tree air refreshener
A scented tree as a small thank you for using your workshop pleases the customer and makes you a real scented service hero. Material: 2 mm thick special cardboard. Contents: 3 g pure scented oil per unit, all scented oils are certified...
Item no.: 81800001
Content 1 PCE
€1.68 * / piece
81700017.jpg Lanyard
Packaging unit: 25 pieces Car, boat and front door keys, ticket or access pass: the lanyard holds all things of importance on a delicate carabiner. The two-coloured, 25 mm wide satin strap can be separated by the plastic buckle on the...
Item no.: 81700017
Content 25 PCE (€2.38 * / 1 PCE)
€59.45 * / PU
81700016.jpg Fit Watch
Modern lifestyle watch with 1.3” point touch colour screen to track your activities all day long. With soft and comfortable silicon armband including fashionable details. Features include: Step count, calories, distance, multi-sport...
Item no.: 81700016
Content 1 PCE
€31.55 * / piece
81700015.jpg Notebook A5
A5 notebook in HELLA Gutmann design with 192 thread-stitched note pages in 80gr white FSC paper. With elastic closure band, pen loop and satin bookmark.
Item no.: 81700015
Content 1 PCE
€8.87 * / piece
81700014.jpg BIC® Lighter
Packaging unit: 50 pieces Extra long-lasting: up to 3.000 lights! Gives up to 2 times more lights than other flint lighters of the same format (Internal testing - EU Market 2008-2010). Comfortable to use. Please be aware that this item...
Item no.: 81700014
Content 50 PCE (€1.51 * / 1 PCE)
€75.40 * / PU
81700013.jpg Haribo mini cars
Packaging unti: 50 pieces Car shape cherry fruit jellies packed in HELLA Gutmann flow pack. Volume: 20 g. Flavour: pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon Shelf life with proper storage: 10 - 12 months Nutritional values per 100...
Item no.: 81700013
Content 50 PCE (€0.28 * / 1 PCE)
€13.92 * / PU
81700012.jpg USB stick
Elegant & efficient. Element is simple style in stainless steel, functionality at a minimum of space and quality design object. Standard packing teabag. Capacity: 8GB
Item no.: 81700012
Content 1 PCE
€4.81 * / piece
81700011.jpg ROLLMOPS Tube Squeezer
The ultimate tube tool to the rescue! Whether it’s toothpaste or an exotic condiment – now nothing goes to waste. ROLLMOPS helps control portion size – and ensures enjoyment down to the very last squeeze.
Item no.: 81700011
Content 1 PCE
€3.54 * / piece
81700010.jpg 5-in-1 parking disc
Parking disk with an ice scraper, rubber wiper, trolley coin and tire tread depth gauge. Disk has a large white logo area on the back. “Hour Of Arrival” text on disk cover listed in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian. Regulations...
Item no.: 81700010
Content 1 PCE
€2.61 * / piece
81700009.jpg InEar Free - headphones - white
The freedom of sound! Super light, wireless InEar headphones with Bluetooth version 5.0 and practical charging box. A must-have for anyone who appreciates mobility and fabulous sound. Thanks to their ergonomic design, the Ear Plugs are...
Item no.: 81700009
Content 1 PCE
€11.89 * / piece
81700007.jpg Metmaxx®LED Megabeam WorkLight
Small size metall worklight with chip LED & COB. COB technology, splash water- / surge protected. Magnetic base, clip, incl. 1 AAA battery. Size: 120 x 16 x 16 mm
Item no.: 81700007
Content 1 PCE
€3.19 * / piece
81700006.jpg Prime Time
This true premium gadget combines a high-end processed and attractively designed digital watch with practical high-tech features: Wireless charger for all suitable smartphones; alarm function; 5 watt speaker for playback via latest...
Item no.: 81700006
Content 1 PCE
€28.01 * / piece
81700005.jpg Magholder
Metallic mount holder magnetic or stick it on the wall and hang your keys on it. Size: approx: Ø3.2 x 0.9 cm.
Item no.: 81700005
Content 1 PCE
€3.00 * / piece
81700004.jpg Fly eye scope
Seeing the world with different eyes through multiple refracted light. Beautiful optical effects can be created by slowly turning the fly's eye with your hand while looking through it. Format: approx. Ø= 4,5 x 5,3 cm
Item no.: 81700004
Content 1 PCE
€3.60 * / piece
81700003.jpg Recycled Pet Pen
Packaging unit: 50 pieces Retractable ballpoint pen made of recycled rPET material in muted colours. The special design of the clip pusher ensures that your advertising is always on top. Made from recycled PET bottles in Europe, the rPET...
Item no.: 81700003
Content 50 PCE (€0.68 * / 1 PCE)
€34.22 * / PU
81700002.jpg Tricky Thing
Puzzle games TRICKY THING: 24 different dice with colorful interior. Size: about 4 x 4 x 4 cm
Item no.: 81700002
Content 1 PCE
€1.22 * / piece
81700001.jpg Powerbank HGS
Bye-bye cables, hello induction. With the Powerbank Pro wireless you recharge your smartphone without a cable. Simply place your device on the contact point and the inductive energy transfer will start. To really create sparks between...
Item no.: 81700001
Content 1 PCE
€23.14 * / piece