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81110001_4.jpg Telescope LED
This magnetic LED work light has two magnets. With one you attach the light itself to all magnetic surfaces and with the other you fish objects out of hard-to-reach corners. The LED light framed by the second magnet can be extended from...
Item no.: 81110001
Content 1 PCE
€8.09 * / piece
81100004.jpg 360 degree cup
**Remaining stock, item will not be be reproduced** With a filling capacity of 350 ml you can enjoy your coffee and tea up to 12 hours warm or refreshing drinks up to 24 hours cold. The lid made of BPA-free plastic is leak-proof and...
Item no.: 81100004
Content 1 PCE
€9.52 * / piece
81200090.jpg Beanbag
Item no.: 81200090
Content 1 PCE
€53.55 * / piece
plus €47.60 Sperrgutzuschlag

81200082.jpg Notebook A4
A4 notebook in HELLA design with checkered note pages, with bookmarks.
Item no.: 81200082
Content 1 PCE
€4.11 * / piece
81200080.jpg Honeycomb display POS Promo
Honeycomb in HELLA design made of cardboard.
Item no.: 81200080
Content 1 PCE
€41.65 * / piece
81200079.jpg Ellipse display 650 x 2100 mm
Ellipse display 650 x 2100 mm
Item no.: 81200079
Content 1 PCE
€5.95 * / piece
81200078.jpg Beachflag
Beachflag (flag, pole + bag with base plate). Size approx. 67 x 214 cm base plate 2,5 kg.
Item no.: 81200078
Content 1 PCE
€29.75 * / piece
81200068.jpg Seidensticker business blouse, short sleeve
Seidensticker blouse short sleeve made of 100% cotton.
Item no.: 81200068
Content 1 PCE
€11.31 * / piece
81200058.jpg Seidensticker business shirt, short sleeves
Seidensticker embroidered shirt short sleeve made of 100 % cotton.
Item no.: 81200058
Content 1 PCE
€11.31 * / piece
81200057.jpg Name badge "Print"
Paper insert for name badge Print HEL9Z499993625per sheet 44 insert Please note that you can download the template in the article description
Item no.: 81200057
Content 1 PCE
€7.38 * / piece
81200055.jpg Fixing pin
Packaging unit: 10 pieces Size: approx. 7.2 x 9.7 mm, oval Material: copper, silver-plated with tarnish protection, raised surfaces polished, background recessed and sandblasted Packed in poly bags of 10 pieces, individually Sub-packed
Item no.: 81200055
Content 10 PCE (€1.02 * / 1 PCE)
€10.23 * / PU
81200043.jpg Business blouse, chequered, long sleeves
Fashionable check shirt with plain inserts on collar and cuff. High-quality, easy iron poplin quality with Easy-Care finish. Rounded hem. Classic fit. Slightly waisted. Breast pocket. Back pleats on back yoke. Material: 100% cotton...
Item no.: 81200043
Content 1 PCE
€5.95 * / piece
81200024.jpg Olymp business shirt, short sleeve
Non-iron. Crease-free. 100% cotton, easy to wash, dry and dress, stays smooth all day long. In fashionable and contemporary cut. 100% Cotton in Chambray quality. Breathable and skin-friendly. Tested for harmful substances according to...
Item no.: 81200024
Content 1 PCE
€53.61 * / piece
81200011.jpg Olymp business shirt, long sleeve Level Five
Non-iron. Crease-free. 100% cotton, easy to wash, dry and dress, stays smooth all day long. In fashionable and contemporary cut. Non-iron. Crease-free. 100% Cotton in Chambray quality. Breathable and skin-friendly. Tested for harmful...
Item no.: 81200011
Content 1 PCE
€53.61 * / piece
81200010.jpg Notebook carbon A4.
Packaging unit: 5 pieces High quality notebook with imitation leather cover in carbon look. Including Hella logo embossing on book cover. Size: A4
Item no.: 81200010
Content 5 PCE (€3.57 * / 1 PCE)
€17.85 * / PU
81200007.jpg Floor display
High-quality floor display in the new HELLA branding. Size: approx. 145 x 100 cm
Item no.: 81200007
Content 1 PCE
€41.65 * / piece
81200004.jpg POS19 Bronze Collection - DE
With the bronze package you are well equipped for everyday life. The extensive set consists of the following articles: 1 x POS19 Alu Sign 35 x 25 cm 1 x POS19 Tattoo Pen HELLA heart (Unit 5) 2 x POS19 Card Display DE 1 x POS19 sticker...
Item no.: 81200004
Content 1 PCE
€4.76 * / piece
81200002.jpg Labeling sheet for name badges - Neutral
Labeling sheet for name badges.
Item no.: 81200002
Content 1 PCE
€1.19 * / piece
81110014_2.jpg Sticker "Meister am Werk"
The transparent sticker in HELLA design embellishes any advertising surface. Size: 15 x 5.3 cm
Item no.: 81110014
Content 1 PCE
€1.79 * / piece
81110008.jpg Hoodie
High-quality hoodie in HELLA design in soft sweat quality, brushed inside. Combed, ring-spun cotton, knitted cuffs with elastane, contrasting stripes on the waistband and cuffs, double-layered hood inside in contrasting colour, kangaroo...
Item no.: 81110008
Content 1 PCE
€27.97 * / piece
81110003.jpg XXL Drinking Bottle
Take your favourite drink with you at all times. Due to the large filling capacity of 1.5L, you can be sure to always have enough with you. The vacuum insulation keeps drinks warm for up to 5 hours and cold for 15 hours. With the handle,...
Item no.: 81110003
Content 1 PCE
€23.68 * / piece
81110002_4.jpg Pocket knife
Made in Germany The handy all-purpose/bread knife in the cool striking HELLA design is really practical, especially for on the go. With a matching black Teflon-coated stainless steel blade and full-surface HELLA logo and "Meister am...
Item no.: 81110002
Content 1 PCE
€5.36 * / piece
81110000_3.jpg Mug "Meister am Werk"
Your favourite drink will taste even better with this great ceramic mug. The mug in black with sublimation print "Meister am Werk" has a filling capacity of 330 mL and is packed in white single cardboard. Diameter: approx. 81...
Item no.: 81110000
Content 1 PCE
€4.64 * / piece
81100037.jpg Brochure dispenser A4
Elegant brochure dispenser for catalogues, brochures and flyers in DIN A4 format. Your brochures are shown off particularly well here, as the clear material of the stand does not distract from the advertising message of your printed...
Item no.: 81100037
Content 1 PCE
€7.62 * / piece
81100036.jpg Retro Tin Sign 20 x 30 cm
This cool metal sign is a real eye-catcher for all retro fans. It is made from extra-strong steel plate so wont break easily. It measures 20 x 30 cm and is individually packaged in a foil bag to protect it from dirt and scratches. This...
Item no.: 81100036
Content 1 PCE
€7.74 * / piece
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