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81400046.png Wooden nailbrush
The craftsman's nail brush/hand washing brush has a strong short nylon trim, which results in high cleaning power. Large wooden body. Size: 80 x 35 mm
Item no.: 81400046
Content 1 PCE
€1.10 * / piece
81400043.jpg Fender Cover
Fender Cover for optimal protection against scratches, dents, oil and dirt. Material: PP (Polypropylene) Size: 110 x 63 cm
Item no.: 81400043
Content 1 PCE
€9.80 * / piece
81400036.jpg Cup
Start your day right - with the Hella Pagid mug. Volume: 0,285 l
Item no.: 81400036
Content 1 PCE
€3.83 * / piece
81400035.jpg USB Flash Drive 8BG - brake disc
The USB stick in the form of a brake disc makes data backup and transfer special. Capacity: 8GB
Item no.: 81400035
Content 1 PCE
€6.09 * / piece
81400031.jpg Ballpoint pen
Packaging unit: 100 pieces
Item no.: 81400031
Content 100 PCE (€0.28 * / 1 PCE)
€27.84 * / PU
81400009.jpg Counter mat
Whether as a payment and writing mat or simply as an advertising pad, the counter mat in Hella Pagid design is an eye-catcher on every counter. Area of application: on the sales counter or, for example, on your customer's desk. Size:...
Item no.: 81400009
Content 1 PCE
€3.71 * / piece
81400005.jpg DIN A5 Notebook
A5 notebook in Hella Pagid design with 192 thread-stitched note pages in 70gr ivory FSC paper. With elastic closure band, pen loop and satin bookmark.
Item no.: 81400005
Content 1 PCE
€5.74 * / piece
81400004.jpg Universal microfibre cloth
The name says it all. This microfibre cloth in Hella Pagid design is indeed universal. Whether for car care or in the household. Whether paint, plastic, glass, wood or mirror surfaces: The extremely hard-wearing fabric ensures lint-free...
Item no.: 81400004
Content 1 PCE
€1.68 * / piece
81400003.jpg Tyre tread check keychain
Packaging unit: 5 pieces Tyre tread check keychain in white with blue Hella Pagid logo. Handy portable tool to check that the car's tyre tread depth is safe and within the legal limit. Material: ABS Plastic
Item no.: 81400003
Content 5 PCE (€0.70 * / 1 PCE)
€3.48 * / PU
81400002.jpg Lanyard
Packaging unit: 5 pieces Blue Lanyard with Hella Pagid logo, metal carabiner and plastic clip. The HELLA Pagid logo is printed in white along the length of the blue, 20 mm wide strap. The lower section can be detached with the plastic...
Item no.: 81400002
Content 5 PCE (€0.70 * / 1 PCE)
€3.48 * / PU
81400001.jpg Ballpoint pen metal "Straight Gum"
Packaging unit: 5 pieces Metal ballpoint pen with softtouch shaft and Hella Pagid engraving, metal clip, metal tip and pusher in gun metallic. Finish: medium blue, refill: 80855 uma Tech Refill, blue Europ. Plastic refill with nickel...
Item no.: 81400001
Content 5 PCE (€2.19 * / 1 PCE)
€10.96 * / PU